you belong among the wildflowers

-tom petty

You...perfectly imperfect. just the way you are...

give me all your personality, quirks, raw emotion and let's create something beautifully authentic.

gone are the days of stuffy, overly polished photos (thank you). it's time to say hello to photographs that really mean something, because these are the ones we hold dear to our hearts. the ones that evoke memories and emotions, the ones that matter.

because at the end of the day these photographs are our collective tangible memories...the photographs are our story.


I'm Shannon...

mother, wife, photographer, grower, hippie at heart...all these different pieces that intertwine make up my collective self. Here within these pages you will get a look into these pieces that make up my creative self, the ones that are embedded in me, the ones that are in my bones, a part of who I am. How I see the world and the life that happens when human emotions run deep.

So please stay awhile...let's get to know one another.

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